Marie Severin enjoys ice cream

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Not much of a headline, really, but Scott Edelman posts of a visit to the Marvel legend with fellow Bullpenner Irene Vartanoff. It’s always great to see this inspiring lady.


  1. Wow… Irene and Marie team-up… Two “grand dames” of comics!

  2. Alan Coil says:

    Irene’s ice cream looks like ice cream. Marie’s looks like a man with a huge, full-bodied mustache wearing a bowler. Marie just can’t stop being creative.

  3. now look for all the symbols in this picture

  4. Jimmie J. says:

    Is Marie doing commissioned art these days?

  5. It’s wonderful to see Marie up and out and about. She’s one of my favorite human beings, cartoonist or otherwise.

  6. Synsidar says:

    Is Marie doing commissioned art these days?

    She was apparently doing commissioned art as recently as 2007, but it’s unclear whether the stroke in October 2007 affected that. One person who would know is Dewey Cassell, who’s working on a book about her.


  7. Irene Vartanoff says:

    Marie says it clearly–she has retired!

  8. michael says:

    Awesome! :)

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