Margaret Atwood, cartoonist

Blind02Margaret Atwood is one of Canada’s greatest living writers. The multiple-award winning novelist, essayist and poet is the author of such books as THE HANDMAID’S TALE and CAT’S EYE, and she also dabbles in comics, as Jim Dougan discovered on his LJ.

What I didn’t know was that, in addition to being the author of more than thirty-five books of fiction, short stories, poetry, literary criticism, radio and television scripts, she’s also a closet cartoonist. That’s right: Margaret Atwood DOES COMICS. In tone, they’re vaguely reminiscent of Stuart Immonen’s 50 REASONS TO STOP SKETCHING AT CONVENTIONS. As a drafts(wo)man, she’s no Winsor McCay, or Danielle Corsetto, even, but still – who knew?

Check out Atwood’s comics oeuvre here, and Tony Long? You can put this where the sun don’t shine.


  1. […] I had no idea about this at all until Heidi mentioned it on The Beat: award-winning Canadian author Margaret Atwood enjoys creating the occassional cartoon, which includes pastiching her own book The Blind Assassin and the supporting author tour and awards bestowed upon it. Wow, I’d never come across this before; I know she has tried a variety of genres and media (including using SF elements – she was a popular choice in the SF Book Group I’m part of) but I had no idea she drew these, how cool. I can also see from the same post that Heidi is about as impressed with Tony Long’s pontifications on the literary merits of graphic novels as I am. Wonder what he would make of a Booker-winning novelist doing comics (or even a Philip K Dick award winning one like Richard Morgan or…) […]

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