Many more endings for Laika


This is so cool. Nick Abadzis writes to remind us that his strips for the 25th Anniversary of Big Planet Comics has ended: a series of gorgeous alternate endings to his GN LAIKA, about the dog who went into space … and never came back.

Four strips are up here, with tributes to “Stan and Jack (Stan referring to both the Man and Kubrick), and several iterations of how the story could’ve turned out.” The final episode definitely calls out for a sequel/spin-off.

Abadzis was recently interviewed at Mike Dawson’s Talkie Podcast.


  1. Of course Laika’s real life end was infinitely more tragic. The cooling system on the capsule was flawed and she cooked to death before even reaching orbit.

  2. I applaud Big Planet for thinking outside the box in regards to where their advertising dollars could be spent. Kudos!

  3. jacob goddard says:


  4. Oh, boy !!!
    Very nice comic. I was think any possible ends to Laika, but… to touch “The Monolite” is a genius think !
    In my fantasy, a spaceship with humans from the future rescue Laika, to repair the tragedy on the experience of Sputinik II. (sorry to my bad english)

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