Majestic Snow Batman towers over Vermont

Speaking of Vermont, Beat Spy Inky Jen passed along this epic photo of a huge Batman carved from the icy terrain spotted by a passing motorist/blogger. (Click link for larger image.)

A little Googling reveals that this is the crowning glory of the Totem Pole Ski Shop in Ludlow, VT. Digging around we found some even more impressive photos of the two-story high sculpture:
[Photo by SkiDiva]
The masterpiece seems to have been crafted in February but as you can see from the more recent photo, Batman is surviving the rising temperatures. Of course, he won’t last forever…someday only a puddle will mark this great achievement. But the Legend of Snow Batman will live on in the hearts of men, yes, it will.



  1. Awesome! And environmentally friendly to boot.

  2. Beat’s Big Bat Badder than Big Butter Jesus!

  3. This is like something right out of “The Strange Costumes of Batman”.

  4. So Mr. Freeze finally won, huh?

  5. The Winter Knight stands vigil over the rolling hills of Vermont, tireless in fulfilling his duty.

  6. I’m confused. Wasn’t Captain America the one frozen in ice?

  7. Keith McCaffety says:

    Wide stance.

  8. Donald Gillikin says:

    Ludlow? Nothing against Ludlow, but shouldn’t someone out of the notorious superhero hangout of Rutland have done this statue in honor of the late Tom Fagan?

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