Lost Girls cost $300K

Kevin at Blog@Newsarama has an interesting factoid from Chris Mautner’s article on LOST GIRLS:

But the article also looks at Top Shelf’s financial wager on Lost Girls, something I’ve not seen much of in mainstream media coverage. According to the Patriot-News, the first two printings of the $264-page book cost the publisher “in the realm of $300,000.â€?

“It is a very big investment, but it looks like it will pay off,â€? Staros tells the newspaper. “I was never really worried. I know if we hawked it properly, it would sort of look after itself.â€? He also says initial orders have exceeded the first printings.

That’s a lot of cheddar.



  1. FWIW, I’ve also got part one of an interview with Mr. Moore up at my blog.

  2. I love that typo — “a $264-page book.” Yeah, it sure looks that way when contemplating printing bills.

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