Lost: Boom goes the dynamite

Discuss last night’s Lost episode, “Everybody Loves Hugo”, here. More analysis Thursday.


  1. Michael says

    Ilana going BOOM was hilarious! Otherwise, the power of Love thing is getting annoying fast.

  2. joe c says

    Fooey on taking the love route to bring back someone’s memories of the other timeline. I much prefer the having a near-death experience path, especially when applied as directly as Desmond did to Locke.

  3. Joe Lawler says

    Yeah, but I doubt Desmond could get away with hitting everyone with his car.

  4. Brian Spence says

    I wonder if Desmond helping people in the sideways universe helps the individuals in the normal timeline. For example, will Hurley find out he’s with Libby? Will the main timeline peeps see what their lives would have been like without Jacob? Or is Desmond’s actions just screwing up UnLocke’s plans somehow? It seems like that’s where they’re headed, but it would be nice to have the characters find out how their lives could have developed.

    Great episode. I expect with everything they’ve set up so far that the rest of the season is just going to get better and better. The beginning of this season was uneven, but last week and this week were awesome.

  5. Steve says

    Remember Eloise telling Desmond not to screw things up? Clearly, he is…

  6. Troy Wilson says

    “Fooey on taking the love route to bring back someone’s memories of the other timeline. I much prefer the having a near-death experience path, especially when applied as directly as Desmond did to Locke.”

    Fair enough. But there is still a kind of consistency here, death-wise. Charlie is dead in Main U, and he is a) the first to remember Main U, and b) the one that guides Desmond to remember it. Then Libby (who, like Charlie, is ALSO dead in Main U) helps guide Hurley to remember Main U.

    And obviously the through line of love already existed, what with the memory of (presumably) Claire helping Charlie, Penny helping Desmond, and Libby helping Hurley.

    And besides, near-death will likely be what helps reawaken the teacher-version of Locke (though love will likely be mixed in too).

    Love and death – they go together like PB and J.

  7. Troy Wilson says

    Oh, and search #lostcomics on twitter for some fun Lost-related comics.

  8. says

    I must admit, I thought that the explanation of the whispering voices was a little weak. I did like the Seinfeld reference at the beginning – Hugo will be raising money for the Human Fund?!

  9. Greg says

    I mean, I beat off to weirder stuff than this, but let’s keep it PG-13, okay?

  10. ed says

    RIP(ieces) Ilana: I guess Lindehof and Cuse—er, I mean The Island is done with her.

    But about time the ‘culling’ of extraneous characters has begun in this final season. Sorta expecting a ‘Tailies’-like purge of the cast list soon: goodbyes to Miles and Lapidus soon? And IF the remaining episodes are to highlight the original cast, ie the central 815ers, I’m not too sure of the longetivity of second-tier characters as Alpert, Ben, and Desmond…

    Well at least in the “real” world of the Islandverse— their doppels can still appear in the MATRIX-like LAX Basinverse,
    just like Libby! (Speaking of which, doesn’t Desmond seem Neo-like in getting people to ‘wake up’ in that Alt world? But a Neo more involved with the process, as shown in his painful way to get LAX Locke ‘woken’?)

    And, glad to check off “Mysterious Voices” from the Checklist o’Island Questions-That-MUST-Be-Answered this Final Season…

  11. Somebody says

    That sudden dynamite explosion was funny the first season. And it’s still funny in the last.

  12. says

    I don’t mind saying that Ilana blowing up was a complete shock but in hindsight, why she was treating the bag O dynamite like a bunch of groceries is beyond me.

  13. Brandon says

    “why discuss Lost here? It’s not a comic nor is it based on one.”

    Several comic writers have worked on the show, comics have been featured in the story, and I think Todd McFarlane made some toys for it. Plus it’s awesome so who cares?

  14. says

    I was completely shocked by Ilana dying! But then that’s why I love this show, you NEVER know what’s going to happen! I have no clue why they built her up so much, to just blow her away? I’m actually curious if she won’t be back in some manner…

    Anyone else think that kid running around is Jacob, slowly growing up. (or is this too obvious, and has already been discussed?) I think by the end he’ll be full grown. MIB has discovered he actually can’t kill his enemy, he just comes back.

    And EVERYONE thinks Des running over Locke was to “wake him up.” I for one (though I could obviously be wrong) DON’T think that is the case. I mean, running into a lake/river is one thing, smashing into someone in a wheelchair at top speed is another all together. I think he was most definitely trying to kill Locke, to prevent whatever he thinks he might prevent.

    People are also saying Hugo is “evil” now, but I didn’t get that at all. I think he’s just trying to listen to all those dead “ghosts” and do what he thinks is right.

  15. says

    ed wrote: “Speaking of which, doesn’t Desmond seem Neo-like in getting people to ‘wake up’ in that Alt world?”

    With all of the magical kisses he arranges and his suave, knowing looks over the top of his sunglasses, I think of him as more of a Fantasy Off-Island demented Mr. Rourke.

    I’ll bet he’ll survive to the end of the season, even if he dies saving them all at the end of the finale. I wish I didn’t have to wait until Tuesday to see him ass-kick his way out of that well and sneak up on MIB and whisper in his ear, “Hello, brothah.”

  16. David Hackett says

    @ Albone, given the nature of her “job” she probably thought she was under the protection of Jacob, or at least the Island. She was obviously mistaken.

  17. mark coale says

    “I’m actually curious if she won’t be back in some manner…”

    This season is full of dead people alive in the Sideways world and ghosts that talk to Hurley and/or Miles. It would be a surprise if she was not back sometime.

    BTW, had I seen the episode before making the comment post, i would have worked in a richard widmark/kiss of death reference.

  18. Randall Kirby says

    Locke will probably go to surgery under Jack, who will fix that spine.

  19. says

    How can people not know how it all ends?

    It’s so blatantly obvious how this series ends!

    It’s everyone having their _ _ _ _ flash before their _ _ _ _ _ just as the plane _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !!

    There is no _ _ _ _ _ _! Never was!



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