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Is Marvel’s new LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS miniseries an homage to WE3? The miniseries will be written by Chris Eliopoulous.

NC: I just know Frog Thor’s in it. That makes me happy.

CE: Lockjaw, the aforementioned Frog Thor or Throg, Redwing, Falcon’s bird, Lockheed, Niels, Speedball’s cat, who now goes by Hairball, Zabu and perhaps the most underappreciated animal in the Marvel U–Ms. Lion.

NRAMA: From an artistic standpoint, does the notion of creating a comic filled with animals pose any unique challenges? For example, did it require a lot of extra reference work?

NC: We initially thought life-drawing would be the way to go. But we brought a parrot in the office and it pooped on Ralph Macchio’s head. So we decided to draw from pictures off the internet after that.


  1. Michael says

    Lockheed is a pet owner, though.

    And it’s not a one-shot, it’s a mini-series.

  2. Steven R. Stahl says

    The Wikipedia entry on Lockjaw has already been updated to include his (its?) role in LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS. The entry mentions “a new frog Thor,” but confusion with Simonson’s transformed Thor will be difficult to avoid. As already mentioned, Lockheed isn’t a “pet”; rather, it’s a sentient alien.

    I suspect that if Eliopoulous tries to write actual stories (the miniseries will have four issues, according to Wikipedia), as opposed to a series of gags, he’ll find himself faced with a lot of work.


  3. ed says

    So I wanna know… if Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers fight Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew (guest starring that new Wonder Dog, I suppose), who’d win?

  4. Henrik J says

    I thought it was established that Lockjaw was a dog and not an inhuman…

  5. michael says

    Lockjaw has no ‘owner’.

    I wonder if he is insulted to be lumped in with these ‘familiars’.

  6. says

    Who would win? The Super Pets which will be featured in an upcoming issue of … Super Friends? Let’s see… Beppo, Kanga, Ace, Streaky, Krypto, Topo, Comet?…

    And Lockjaw is an Inhuman.

  7. says

    Who really cares how it fits into the multitudes of continuities?
    It looks delightful as all-get out and I eagerly look forward to reading it. Which, for me personally, isn’t somethinbg I’ve said about a Marvel Comic in a while.
    I don’t have a grudge against Marvel or anything, the Stan and Jack universe is the foundation of my understanding of comics.
    Contemporary Marvel Comics just hasn’t been publishing anything I’m particularly interested in.
    THIS I am interested in.
    Way to go Mr. E!

  8. Tyler Ragan says

    This is awesome on so many different levels….

    And any comic from the big 2 in this day and age that I know I can share with my five year old daughter is worth getting.

  9. says

    Torden: Who would win? The Super Pets which will be featured in an upcoming issue of … Super Friends? Let’s see… Beppo, Kanga, Ace, Streaky, Krypto, Topo, Comet?…

    Torden, this is GOLD. Comic GOLD. Even better: there needs to be follow-up series where the superpets are amalgamated. Like … Krypto-Jaw, or something.

  10. says

    Technically Pet Avenger could either mean He or she is an Avenger who is a pet or someone who avenges a pet. Could go either way. :)

    Either way, I’m glad so many people are excited about this. I’m having a blast writing this. It will be one story carried over 4 issues and not just a series of gags. I’ve been working real hard to have the right mix of drama, comedy and excitement.

    I just hope I can live up to everyone’s expectations.

  11. Tyler Ragan says

    Hey! How come Lobo (Red Wolf’s partner) isnt’ a part of the group? Didn’t he survive Secret Invasion with the rest of the other Skrull-replaced characters? Or are the other animals not willing to trust him because of the Skrull issues …. I hope you have a page dedicated to this somewhere within the mini. ;)

    Or is there a limit to the number of canine characters allowed within the group?

    I was also concerned of the lack of Zabu as well, until I caught mention of him in the CBR interview.

  12. says

    Honestly I couldn’t fit EVERY animal in. There will be others making appearances that push the story along or mean something. If I get the chance to do more, some of people’s favorites will appear.

  13. Evan says

    The fact they’ve got Ms. Lion in there I swear is practically enough to make me buy this just for the heck of it.

  14. Dennis V. says

    Is it already April Fool’s Day? Come on, this has to be a joke. Otherwise how can Marvel justify the waste of paper on this? Well, okay, maybe hardly any waste of paper since I can’t imagine this selling very well — must be someone’s pet project! ;)

  15. Kenny says

    HELL YES!!! This is a Big 2 title I’ll actually read! If you can’t get jazzed up by Lockjaw and a frog Thor teaming up to kick ass and chew bubblegum, I feel sorry for your soul. On top of that, Chris Eliopoulos is the best talent in comics no one knows about. I honestly think this could be Eliopoulos’s Marvel Zombies!

  16. says

    So far as I can tell, Lockjaw is not a dog but rather the most inhuman of the Inhumans. At the risk of horn-tooting, let me say I have an 8 pg’er for Marvel with him coming sometime soon, whenever they get around to publishing that anthology book everyone’s been hearing about:


    The artwork for this mini looks great and the concept is awesome– congratulations to Marvel and to Chris and the team.

  17. Glenn Simpson says

    I remember that Lockjaw first was essentially a dog, then there was the one Thing story where it was stated that he was a human who was turned into a dog-like creature by the Terrigen Mists, and then a later story where that was revealed to be Gorgon playing a joke on the Thing, which put Lockjaw back to essentially a dog.

    Were there any additional developments?

  18. says

    Yeah, but Chris – wouldn’t Lockheed be better suited in a X-Pets mini-series?

    I know the recruitment process would be hard considering that Wolverine only befriends roadkill.



  19. Streaker says

    So… Marvel is copying everything people used to love about DC’s comic books. How sad.

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