Life after Flashboot


In case you were wondering, there WILL be other DC books besides The 52 in our future. For instance, ,
frequent Grant Morrison collaborator Frazer Irving, tweeted:

For all interested parties, I do have a post-relaunch DC gig but it’s a secret at the mo :) And Gutsville still needs finishing…

Yes to GUTSVILLE finishing! This Simon Spurrier-written book about people living inside a giant whale remains one of those perennial must-finish books. Issue 3 — of 6 — came out a few years ago.


  1. Looks like DC is saving their last 4 or so titles (the Superman books) as official announcements for their original “big announcement” on June 11th that they had planned (before Bleeding Cool stole all their thunder?) Or did I miss it. Haven’t seen anything today (I know some of the Superman stuff leaked covers, but nothing official has been announced.)

  2. hikaru says:

    That’s great news. The way Si Spurrier talked about Gutsville in the past, I thought for sure we’d never see it again.

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