Let’s put on a show: Larry’s Comics to host impromptu gathering Mass. tomorrow

With the extraordinary events in Boston today shutting down the Boston Comic Con that was planned for this weekend, local Retailer Larry Doherty of LArry’s COmics in Lowell, has announced a spontaneous convention for anyone left high and dry:


I just heard Boston Comic con is officially cancelled due to the manhunt for the Boston marathon bomber.

We should not allow terrorists to control our lives.

I will not allow these douche-bags to control mine.
Let’s have a fun day together & heal.
FREE for vendors.
FREE for fans.
FREE for creators.

Tomorrow in Lowell, MA I’m hosting an impromptu convention:

The show MUST go on in my building in Lowell, MA.

Tell the fans.
Use your Twitter & Facebook.

Tell the vendors.

Tell the creators.

I’ll be up all night.

We need tables & volunteers to shuttle creators from Boston.

Call me for more info.


It’s a smart idea for everyone left jonesing for a show, stuck in town or just trying to forget the horrible violent events of the last five days by spending a little time with comics.



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    I love the comics community so much! Always supportive, all the time! When life hands you lemons, throw your own convention instead!

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