Let’s All Gawp at Cyclops in a Thong

Beware: the cost of seeing Cyclops in a Thong is the possibility of reading spoilers for the most recent issue of Avengers Vs X-Men.

But! Before we head into the hedonistic and vibrant world of Cyclops in a Thong, let us first have a look at this Sara Pichelli variant cover for issue #11:

The variant covers for this penultimate issue have all been showcasing the fact that Emma Frost and Cyclops are going to embark on what appears to be a battle to the death. Notice the small bead of blood dripping down Emma Frost’s breasts. Then shudder and thrust your head into a bowl of cold ice.

So anyway, what you came here was the chance to see Cyclops – leader of the X-Men, dignified diplomat and chosen representative for Marvel’s Merry Mutants – wearing a thong. The man who is tactically without parallel, and protects and serves hundreds of lost and suffering metaphors for minority rights. In a thong. Oh, and an unwashed Nightwing T-Shirt he stole back in the 90s when DC and Marvel did those crossovers. Well, because you demanded it:


This comes as the latest revelation in Marvel’s new event storyline Avengers Vs X-Men, and is the result of the Phoenix Force bonding with the A-List X-Men Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Namor and also Magik managed to sneak in there too. The most powerful force in the Galaxy – Squirrel Girl and Pixie aside – has designed the five characters to reflect their new status, meaning Colossus has regrown his hair, Magik gets a new set of armour, Emma wears a penis on her stomach and Cyclops is wearing a thong.

Interestingly, the Phoenix Force is able to regrow Colossus’ hair, recognise that the vast majority of the demographic want Namor to remain shirtless, and bring back the dead/destroy whole planets… but still struggles to fix Cyclops’ astigmatism. Some things are just meant to be, I guess.

This is just like the whole “if Luke Cage has unbreakable skin, how come he grows a goatee thing” all over again, eh? But listen, you guys. I know you’re staring at these images of Cyclops in a Thong and wondering: why? Because that’s what we’re all wondering right now. What is the Phoenix Force thinking here?

Doesn’t it know that Cyclops prefers underpants?

The Adventures of Cyclops in a Thong continue in this week’s issue of X-Men Legacy, in which he uses the thong to disarm an entire genocidal country! Just like he’s already used it to disarm the wallets of comic-loving bears across America.


  1. Tim says

    In that final panel with Scott Summers in his tighty whities… does that even look like the character? I’m not a current hero comic reader – comics have strayed so far from the Byrne/Cockrum days, etc. If you just draw the character as any guy you’d like, what’s the point?

  2. Torsten Adair says

    Looks like Superman’s new belt. All he needs now is a cape…

    How can he see out of the visor with that V-slit?

    From a design viewpoint, I can’t see why they added the thong. Why not elongate the bird motif so it replicates the french-cut outfit of Emma Frost? (But keep the pants… no one wants to see his hairy legs.)

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