Lego Tank Girl rides for the first time


Those “Girl sized” Legos have been pretty controversial but they have sold well, we’re told. And you can make a cool tank out of them. And thus, someone has used one to make a “Tank Girl” video inspired by the comics character. And here’s how to build it. Apparently there’s a special file style just for building Legos. The march of progress.


  1. The Freaky Tiki says

    I must have missed it… Why are the Lego Friends controversial? My Daughter LOVES them.

    I dig the creativity put into the Tank Girl build!

    the Tiki

  2. The Freaky Tiki says

    “They’re controversial because LEGO already makes a LEGO product for girls.

    It’s called “LEGOs.” ”

    My Daughter likes all LEGOs… but without any prompting she LOVES LEGO:Friends. Obviously there is something about the product make she identifies with. Whatever it is, it just clicks for her.

    My Daughter enjoyed the Star Wars movies, yet never bothered to ask for a Star Wars LEGOs set.

    Much ado about nothing in my personal opinion.

    the Tiki

  3. says

    The controversy over LEGO Friends is even sillier when anyone takes into account that LEGO has done girl-specific lines since 1971.

  4. Ron says

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  5. Ron says

    Please ignore my previous message. Too early for this (this ain’t no wysiwyg editor … ).

  6. Earth-2 Chad says

    They’re controversial because LEGO already makes a LEGO product for girls.

    It’s called “LEGOs.”

    Agreed, to a point. But when it comes to the licenses Lego pursues, they’re all produced in a pretty boy-centered way. Which isn’t to say that girls can’t like Star Wars or Harry Potter or superheroes, but take a look at how many of those sets feature female protagonists. Would it kill them to offer a Hermione-specific set? Or to always have an Ahsoka Tano or Princess Leia set available?

    And while it’s great that Wonder Woman is included in DC’s Lego rollout, why doesn’t she have her own set (with an invisible jet!)? Why no Batgirl? I’m guessing that those sets would sell, because I CONSTANTLY have moms asking me where they can get female superhero gear for their superhero-loving daughters. And the hoops they have to jump through to get it are ridiculous.

    Even when it comes to Lego’s own action-leaning product, like Space Police, Alien Conquest and Dinos, very rarely are there any female minifigs. Of all the Dino sets, only one features a badass female dino hunter, and it’s the most expensive one.

    My daughter happily plays with her brother’s Legos, as well as her own non-Friends sets, but she also likes the Friends set she has, and I think a large part of that is that all of the protagonists are female.

    In a perfect world, Lego would meet somewhere in the middle, pursuing girl-friendly licenses like Dora or whatever, while also upping the female quotient of its regular sets and letting Friends move beyond shopping, interior design and veterinarians. Maybe phase two will do it?

  7. Earth-2 Chad says

    “Had” being the key phrase: Mega Bloks has it now, along with Hello Kitty.

  8. Torsten Adair says

    Yes, there is a specific computer file for Lego.

    Lego Digital Designer is a virtual CAD/CAM program for your computer, allowing an unlimited number of bricks!

    YES, “CAM”. as in Computer Aided Manufacturing. Once you finish your model, Lego will not only allow you to design the box which will hold the bricks needed to build the actual model, they’ll include building instructions as well! (Oops… Design By Me has been discontinued, although you still can design your Lego Hero Factory heroes! YAY! Lego superheroes!)

    Olivia’s Inventor’s Workshop

    The greatest thing about Lego? If they don’t make what you like, you can build it yourself! (Like the Millennium Falcon my friends built back in 1981.)

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