Layoff watch: McFarlane Toys and more

We’re hearing chatter about major layoffs at McFarlane Toys today, as many as a dozen people. More as it becomes available.

Also, Anjali Singh, the editor who acquired PERSEPOLIS and EPILEPTIC for Pantheon before moving on to Houghton Mifflin, was one of those let go last week in HMH’s housecleaning.

In addition, at the MTV Comics and movie blog, Splash Page, co-editor Casey Seijas was let go as part of Viacom’s 850 person bloodbath last week; apparently he will be staying on as a freelancer. The other editor, Rick Marshall, and the blog itself, survived the purge.


  1. Torsten Adair says:

    It’s turning into a hard candy and oranges Christmas.

  2. It’s going to be more of a coal Christmas. Some companies are barely holding on till after Christmas. Sales will be lower for many companies in December. Bankruptcies galore for sure after that. What a mess. The trickle-down effect will hurt all.

  3. jacob lyon goddard says:

    any word of layoffs at Mcfarlane comics?

  4. Donald says:

    It is official. 16-18 were let go by Mcfarlane Toys. Merry Christmas !! Nice job Todd !!!

  5. blame GUITAR HERO

  6. ryan_G says:

    YUP Guitar Hero and all the other crappy products that brought down the quality of Sportspicks over the years.

  7. Companies initiate reductions at the end of the calendar year for tax purposes (and to help the bottom line).

    It is hoped that the unfortunate souls at McFarlane Toys will be given some sort of severance package to help in their transitions, either from the company or from Mr. McFarlane himself.

    There’s a DC Direct position open at Time/Warner.
    Indeed (dot) com has a nice search engine for employment.

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