Last Call: Rocket and Groot make The New Yorker


When I first saw the Rocket Raccoon and Groot toys at Toy Fair back in February—or maybe earlier when I first saw the Guardians of the Galaxy footage—I was pretty sure that they would become, to use a banned word, “iconic” but I had no idea they’d be embraced as part of the pop culture dictionary so quickly, as shown by The New Yorker’s Daily Cartoon by Benjamin Schwartz.

I hope Bill Mantlo is smiling somewhere.



  1. marc andreyko says:

    well, heidi, bill mantlo is still alive, so i’m guessing that “somewhere” is in NJ:)

  2. Patrice Chevraulaix says:

    Wow, that cartoon won’t be dated in less than a week.

  3. It’s a daily comic. I don’t think it’s meant to be evergreen.

  4. Patrice Chevraulaix says:

    Is it designed to be funny?

  5. Oh lol, i saw this on Reddit earlier .


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