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§ Cameron Stewart’s new Illustration Blog>.

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§ Everyone else linked to Cracked’s The 6 Creepiest Comic Book Characters of All Time. Who are we to say “Neigh!”

§ If you read one fashion writer’s take on the Met’s Superhero show it should be this one, by Pulitzer Prize winner Robin Givhan:

Still, there is nothing ponderous about this exhibition. How could it be stuffy and dull when a glowing green mural of the Hulk glares across the room at a three-dimensional Spider-Man climbing up a vertigo-inducing cityscape? Bolton has chosen examples from the fashion industry that are among the most dramatic interpretations of superhero style. There are ensembles from Balenciaga, in which designer Nicolas Ghesquiere’s models look like human Transformers, with metal leggings, dresses held together by brass-colored rings, and shoes seemingly constructed out of industrial chains and rivets. Dolce & Gabbana’s silver bustiers and molded skirts sparkle next to the Iron Man suit — each of them addressing a tug of war between invincibility and vulnerability.

[Link via Mark Coale.]

§ Alex Ross, fashion model?

§ Weirdness of the day: the very bizarre ups and downs of Yaoi House.


  1. The Cracked “6 Creepiest Comic Book “Characters” was pretty funny. Then I found their “Most Unintentionally Hilarious Comic Strips link, which was just as inspired:

  2. James Van Hise says:

    Seeing what Superhorse is thinking may explain why comics don’t use thought balloons anymore.

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