Kyle Baker appears to be reprinting a one volume collection of Why I Hate Saturn and Cowboy Wally

Well that’s what this Tumblr post called Cover for new book. implies anyway.

For those who read them The Cowboy Wally Show—about a dissolute kids show host who puts on a production of Hamlet—and Why I Hate Saturn—about urban life of the 90s via two wacky sisters—are two of the funniest graphic novels of all time; for those who haven’t read them yet an omnibus edition would consolidate some shelf space. No further details forthcoming, but sounds promising.


  1. Snikt Snakt says:


    Is that near Hoboken? :-p

  2. Ah good. Those are two excellent graphic novels that deserve to be in print.

  3. Abe Lincoln says:

    This might be the Greatest Thing Ever Made. Even greater than the Ten Commandments.

  4. Albert Brooks-Einstein says:

    Probably the Greatest Combination Of Things since Microsoft Office.

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