Kryptonite, Cairo’s comics shop

As we’ve been noting more and more, comics are a global culture, and there’s even a comic shop in Cairo, Kryptonite located in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Here’s the description from the English language “Yelp” of the region.

Shops in Cairo are slowly but surely diversifying further into more unique, quirky niches. With the continued surge of Western pop culture flooding the country, when searching for specific products, it’s frustrating to find much of the merchandise only being sold online. Kryptonite – previously located on El Sobky Street – is a relatively new store that has opened in the bolstering shopping hub, City Stars, which caters exclusively to fans of comic books and other weird and wonderful collectables. Toxic Green is the colour scheme prevalent throughout the shop, and with the walls covered in a gigantic mural of superheroes and wall-to-floor shelving crammed with products, the motif is hard to miss.

The store, which has been open for several years, has a website, which seems to do a lot of mail order, as it’s billed as Egypt’s first and only comics shop.

Sadly, the pictures on the website aren’t that big, but you can see more on their Facebook page.

Comics and cartoonists haven’t been exempt from the recent turmoil in Egypt, but it looks like they aren’t going anywhere, either.


  1. majorjoe23 says

    Jacob, it is. Kryptonite Locks have a limited trademark agreement with DC to use it. There’s a shop in my area with Kryptonite in its name and they’ve never had any issues.

  2. Torsten Adair says

    Also, trademarks must be registered for specific products.
    That’s why there were so many different trademark registrations for the DC “Peel”…to cover almost every possible use.
    (I believe that the trademark was changed because the DC “swirl” conflicted with DC Shoes’ clothing trademark.)

  3. barry buchanan says

    Do you think they refer to super-heroes as “caped-crusaders”?

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