Kids discover mysterious new creature, beat it to death

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Hairless corpse believed to be a strange new mutant creature. The mysterious beast crawled feebly from a cave in Panama, so alarming local youths that they were forced to beat it to death. Because that’s what kids with sticks do, by God.

Now, we suspect that this thing was not crawling anywhere. It really does look, as Cryptomundo suggests, more like a sloth that somehow lost its hair and was in the water a while.

Or else…something funny is going on. And we’d better go check it out.


  1. “Johnny, go fire up the Pogo Plane! I’ll alert Ben and Sue! We’re going to Panama!”

  2. “Alligators in the sewers…”

    Reed’s gonna be mighty pissed when he discovers Cave Carson on the scene…

  3. Not as much as Cave Carson when he discovers the Challengers were already on the scene and revived the poor beaten creature…

  4. It’s a teenage mutant ninja something.

  5. Poor, poor Sméagol…! They tricksed him…

  6. Eraserhead’s baby grew up!

  7. KILLKILLKILL!! says:

    Why would they do that -so sad. Frankenstein, King Kong is sad, but they were big: this thing just looks so meek.
    Maybe Dave Sim is right maybe men are killers.
    Hey, Heidi and Sim agree on something. Peace everlasting:)

  8. Holy….


    Can’t… unseeeeeeeee ~ ….

  9. The Beat says:

    Dan, actually maybe that Deagol.

  10. Alan Coil says:

    Hey, wasn’t Bendis on vacation in Panama last week?

  11. michael says:

    We fear what we do not understand!!!!

    Stoopid kids! grrr….

  12. Boy, you folks are pretty judgmental about those kids. But tell me you wouldn’t do the same if you didn’t see that thing shambling towards you and mumbling about finding its precious while turning you against your tubby best friend.

  13. I wonder how big it is? A fetal sloth, perhaps? Most likely the kids lied about killing, if there were any kids at all.

  14. Jennyk says:

    I found the stories about this online and was fascinated! I do agree that I would probably freak out if I saw this coming towards me but I think that stoning it to death is a bit much. Poor fleshy gross pink thingy…


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