Kickstarter alert: THE GARLICKS by Lea Hernandez

Lea Hernandez, a pioneering cartoonist in the American manga hybrid style of storytelling, is back with a Kickstarter campaign:

THE GARLICKS is a webcomic/graphic novel about a vampire girl, for girls. (But so far, guys have dug it a lot–I call this the My Little Pony Effect: if it’s good, it’s for everyone!) It’s my first all-ages book, and my first graphic novel in color. I’ll be serializing THE GARLICKS, three color pages a week, over the next year as a webcomic at

When Pandora’s first story is complete and still piping hot, it’ll be collected into a full-color print trade of 148 pages, with an introduction by Jill Thompson, incredible creator of SCARY GODMOTHER! (Who better, right?)

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  1. Based on the story and characters (which I’ve heard a lot about from Lea), it’ll be great. Hope lots of people check it out and support it.

  2. John Shableski says:

    Great to see Lea finally has a venue to get this book out into the world. I’ll buy in for sure! Good luck Lea!

  3. Kat Kan says:

    I’m a backer, I’m glad to see Lea do another book.

  4. Yay for more Lea comics!

  5. Thanks for giving THE GARLICKS a signal boost, Heidi!
    It’s almost at 10% funded, but REALLY needs to pick up in the next 3 weeks, so anyone reading this, please pledge and share like crazy!

  6. BTW, Kurt Busiek, Jim Lee and Neil Gaiman have all given THE GARLICKS big ups, so if you pledge, you’re in VERY good company!

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