Kibbles 'n' Bits from all over the world — 10/27/10

§ Walking Dead week continues as creator Robert Kirkman receives the ULTIMATE ACCOLADE: a big profile in his hometown newspaper!

“Day to day, I try not to think about it,” he said during a recent phone interview. “Most of the time when I’m in my studio writing comics, it will occur to me that I’ve got a TV show that will be on the air in a two or three weeks: ‘That’s weird.’ I try not to focus on it because maybe it will give me some weird sense of accomplishment and I’ll never get anything done.”


§ Kevin Colden writes to tell us he’s firing up his art blog and re-running his webcomic STRANGLE/SWITCH.
§ You think we have it bad with our government here in the US? Japan’s former Prime Minister is flogging moé beer. :

§ World comics: Cartoonist Steve Murray did not win his bid to become mayor of Toronto:

I know I should be all conciliatory, but that’s never been my way. If I’m in your home and I lose at Scrabble, you’ll be finding tiles in the oddest places for months to come, that is, if you even still have a non-burnt-down home. So, obviously, this loss makes me furious, and not in that adorable “Furious George” way or that high-pitched weird Ford whistle way. I spent a lot of my hard-earned dollars, and those of my largest donor, Gary’s Fried Chicken, home of the delicious Triple Threat: two fried filets of chicken with another fried filet in the middle because “the chicken is so good you don’t even need to slip bacon and cheese in there, idiot.”

§ World comics: The victim in Belgium’s gory “Death Note” murder is close to being identified, three years after the crime.



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