Just Announced: CHOKER

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A new Image book by Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith. More promo art below.





Congrats, FMB!

[Disclaimer: Writer Ben McCool is married to the owner of this site.]



  1. sophmonster says

    Well done Mr McCool! Can’t believe you’re working with my hero…

  2. says

    Oh now that song is running in my head with those lyrics and I can’t remember the original and I can’t make the new version stop…

    That looks pretty awesome. Kudos Ben McCool and Co. Like Images tude.

  3. mark coale says

    Hooray for FMB.

    This will cushion the blow of Villa finishing behind Everton again this year.



  1. […] Ben (McCool) has to be one of the most creative and likable guys I know in New York City, and being the fiance to The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald has probably had some stellar guidance in getting his first original work off the ground.  Here’s what “Choker” is all about, from Ben’s words : BEN MCCOOL: I guess I’d better lay down the disclaimers, then: language used is dastardly goings-on are repellent, and the characters are so lewd you’ll feel like only an industrial-strength jet wash will be able to rinse your tarnished conscience clean. Put simply, we’re hoping to give Bill O’Reilly a Rush Limbaugh-resembling hernia. […]

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