Josh Olson on OZ

It’s not too often that we get an actual newsmaker writing in to respond to our snark, so we’re giving screenwriter Josh Olson a special mention as he chimed in on THE BEAT comments yesterday to clarify the upcoming Oz film which he is writing and Todd McFarlane is producing. The short version is that McFarlane’s controversial toy line is NOT an inspiration for the film, and Olson seems to be genuinely enthusiastic about capturing the actual Oz books, which are kinky enough, believe us. While he still hasn’t given us his plans for the Hungry Tiger and the Patchwork Girl, since he did write one of our favorite David Cronenborg movies, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.


  1. says

    I think they should do a movie of Lost in Oz by Joshua Dudley before they do this movie. It will be so much better. It’s much more modern and spooky.

  2. Tom Laughlin says

    I need to contact Josh Olsen, is there anyone who can refer me to his contact info?

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