Jones, Bermejo and Shiga join All New X-Men 25

In today’s foreshortened comics world, 25 is the new 50, and any book that gets to a 25th issue gets a gala celebration. Thus All New X-Men #25 is getting the all-star guest artist treatment. Already confirmed: Bruce Timm, Rapheal Grampa, Art Adams, Skottie Young, J. Scott Campbell, David Mack and Max Wittert. But in a Tumblr post, Brian Michael Bendis added a few new names:

we have already exclusively announced JG JONES and LEE BERMEJO! 

TODAY it is my pleasure to announce Eisner award winner, and one of my absolute favorite comic creators JAMES SHIGA is in as well.

Was that a typo for Jason Shiga? If so, double plus good.


  1. says

    murderer’s row. i’m definitely picking this up, just for the art. i’m not even following all-new x-men right now

  2. Zach says

    Nice, but why can’t we get any of these guys doing interiors on a regular basis? use some creative scheduling and get them on board. Most Marvel books already have at least two pencilers contributing on a regular basis, why not make sure they are good ones?

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