JOHN CARTER trailer in full

Led Zeppelin: check
Avatar references: check
300 references: check
Vast CGI alien crowd scenes: check
Insane shots of Helium flyer fleet: Check.

Sad that the dismal failure of MARS NEEDS MOMS means that the word Mars cannot be uttered anywhere near the trailer.

I need my gheks and kaldanes!


  1. Now THIS looks to be some fun & adventure.. Plain & Simple.

    Beau Smith
    The Flying Fist Ranch

  2. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Did you see the blue eyes on the villain? He made me think of Frank Herbert’s Dune…

  3. skyhawk says:

    Reminds me of SW:Episode 1, but I’ll give it a chance.

  4. OK, now I’m really looking forward to it. Love the re-worked Zeppelin tune, too.

  5. Barry Buchanan says:

    How about “Barsoom Needs Moms” or “Mars Needs MILFS”.

    I’m getting more stoked about this film as time goes by. John Carter, Dejah Thoris and Tars Tarkas should ALL be household names. This Andrew Stanton, coming in from Pixar, seems to have the goods to make this movie the biggie it needs to be.

    Ala bleeding cool:

  6. Wow. I was so ready to think this would stink.

    Glad I’m wrong.

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