Jim Shooter’s Merry Marvel Marching Society kit

Thanks to his “pack-ratty” mother, Jim Shooter’s two Merry Marvel Marching Society kits from the ’60s are intact and in mint condition. The first one included the record with the amazing Bullpen greetings from Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Flo Steinberg, and so on.

Wonder what this would go for on eBay?


  1. jimmy b. says

    It had a record with the MMMS song on it, right? Still love the too big button. Think my pink sheet was minty green? Took awhile for Gil Kane’s versions of Cap, Hulk, Subby to grow on me. Liked him better on Spiderman later. fave front.

  2. says

    I’ve got a complete FOOM kit from ’76 with the stupendous Steranko poster (more my era) but only the sticker sheet from this MMMS kit and mine’s a sort of mustard yellow. Great stuff but I doubt I could afford what this would go for now.

  3. TonyJazz says

    I remember thinking is was overpriced at the time, but I got a kit too….

    Of course, I no longer have any of it.

    Overpriced? I think it was a dollar to ‘join’?

  4. tellshiar says

    Wow, those are great. Okay, what do you want to do, pawn or sell them?

  5. George Rivera says

    I am interested in purchasing a Merry Marvel Marching Society kit complete with all items. Please contact me if you know where i can obtain one.

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