Jeff Smith RASL Party photos

We had to poop out on last night’s RASL party because..well..we’re only human. Missing out on the chance to hobnob with Jeff Smith, Frank Miller, Colleen Doran, Kazu Kabuishi, Larry Marder, Becky Cloonan, Nikki Cook, Dan Goldman, Josh Dysart, and 100 fans was painful but necessary. At any rate the party was a big success as these photos by Ryan Roman show:

















  1. I am so out of it. I only recognize Frank Miller. Good photos though. Looked like fun!

  2. that was some swanky shindiggery.

  3. Torsten Adair says:

    Held at a beautiful showroom!
    early on, Frank Miller, Coleen Doran, Jeff Smith, and Larry Marder were all talking together. Oh, to have them work on a joint project!
    Ms Doran showed off some beautiful artwork from an upcoming project (!), Mr Marder will be reprinting Beanworld soon (Yay!), and I met lots of interesting people (some who produce comics)!

  4. R. Maheras says:

    Yeah… photos without captions are kind of pointless. The only person I recognize, as well, is Miller.

    I remember a few years ago, “The Comics Journal” ran a photo cover featuring Gary Groth and Phoebe Glockner, yet never identified who they were — even on the contents page. And although I’d been collecting and drawing comics since 1967, and was one of the very first subcribers of Groth’s new incarnation of TCJ back in 1976, I’d never met, and hadn’t seen any recent photos of, Groth. Glockner, on the other hand, I could somewhat guess because she was interviewed in the issue. I only found out later it was Groth on the cover because of TCJ message board traffic about the issue.

    In short, one should never assume…

  5. hmm. guess I’m not the only one then… so, in the future, could Everyone in the comics industry please wear those Hello My Name is stickers all the time, and just enlarge them on a copier to make them really really big so we could see your name clearly in all posted photos, hey, thanks! (kidding)
    Hello My Name is Al

  6. I agree. Name tags and URL’s. For gods sake.

    Nonetheless It was a great show!


  7. My 8 year-old is moaning in great pain that Jeff Smith is hosting an evening of Looney Tunes in Ohio. And that they’re having a gallery show of his art, as well.

  8. My 8 year-old is moaning in great pain that Jeff Smith is hosting an evening of Looney Tunes in Ohio. And that they’re having a gallery show of his art, as well.

  9. Brian Spence says:

    The guy with the long curly hair in several photos is Jeff Smith. Man, he’s starting to show his age.

    You got Frank Miller, the guy in the first photo with him is a CBLDF guy, Brownstein.

    Those are the pros I knows.

  10. Looking at photo two, I’m reminded of the adage “by age 50, everyone has the face he deserves.”


  1. […] Frank Miller was there too, but by the time I figured out how to properly try and take his picture, he mysteriously disappeared into the night, hat in hand. The Beat has some photos of such things however, even though she wasn’t even there. […]

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