Jacko: which side are you on?

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The gossip site TMZ spies singer Michael Jackson shopping at LA’s Golden Apple comics shop with a photo gallery. Jackson is a long-time comics reader and a long-time customer at the store. Seen above, shop co-owner Sharon Liebowitz and the mysterious masked shopper.

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Apparently Jackson’s kids — who usually appear in public with masks on — were also shopping for their favorite comics. It’s nice to see them looking semi-normal, because you know they’ve got to be well adjusted.


Speaking of the Golden Apple, they’re hosting a signing tomorrow!


  1. Torsten Adair says

    What’s so bizarre about wearing a mask at a comicbook store?

  2. Steve Taylor says

    How the heck would you even know of it was Michael Jackson? Since his kids have been photographed previously in their masks and this person is in a mask,….aww, never mind.

  3. says

    Whatever you think of Jackson, you shouldn’t take pictures of his kids and supporting those TMZ assholes in any way is wrong.

  4. says

    It’s nice to see Sharon out and about these days. I last saw her at the West Hollywood Book Fair talking to kids.

    However I feel that Bill’s legacy is lost of late. Golden Apple no longer solicits independent fare.



  5. says

    I will surely miss Michael Jackson, he is really worthy of the name King of Pop and he is certainly one of the greatest musicians of all time…

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