Ivan Brunetti’s 22 PANELS THAT ALWAYS WORK* (*sometimes)

194258 Ivan 032
Darned if this isn’t almost as good as Wood’s. [Click for larger version]


  1. Nancy!

  2. “Isolation.”



    Cthulhu bless Ivan Brunetti.

    That does it — I’m off to re-read SCHITZO…

  3. Brian Spence says:

    Awesome, I KNEW someone was going to do something like this. That Wally Wood thing has flown around the net several times already. Nice job Ivan.

  4. mario boon says:


  5. yes, cute kitty, i have that in my comic – 1 out of 22 is pretty – er- dismal?

  6. Damn, now all our secrets are out, and we’ll have to start being original again!


  1. […] I just heard about this the other day, and I think I’ll probably give it a try at some point soon. The 22 Panels That Always Work Project is pretty simple… just look at the famous Wally Wood 22 Panels That Always Work comic, and draw your own version of it. After that you may want to draw your own version of Ivan Brunetti’s 22 Panels That Always Work too! […]

  2. […] Ivan Brunetti’s not-famous and funnier 22 panels that always work, sometimes. […]

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