It's Smulders!

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Variety confirms that Cobie Smulders is the front runner for the role of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill in Joss Whedon’s Avengers movie. Smulders is a Whedon favorite (he wanted her for his Wonder Woman movie) and Hill is a perfect Whedon-type character so the handwriting has been on the wall for this.

Smulders, best known for How I Met Your Mother, has been signed for nine films as Hill — spanning a variety of films, she’ll play Nick Fury’s (Samuel L Jackson) sidekick until she “eventually becomes the head of the espionage and law enforcement group.”
Okay then. Avengers ho!



  1. For my tastes, the best thing about a Joss Whedon AVENGERS movie is the idea of Summer Glau as the Wasp. Haven’t heard any rumors to that and, mind you, I don’t mean to start them but you’ve got to admit she’s perfect for it.

  2. Smulders? More like Smoulders!

  3. Great casting. I think she would’ve been good as Wonder Woman too.

  4. I like it a lot.

  5. People do not feed the troll. A banning has been administered. Sorry I was late to the party.

  6. I’m not sure Cobie Smulders should be described as the Avengers’ ho.

    But she woulda made a good Wonder Woman, and I’m sure she’ll be good here, too.


  7. With all of these movie castings, as long as the script is good/great, I don’t care who they cast.

  8. Creful, Richard … Look what they did to the Green Hornet, casting-wise.

  9. unbannableme says:

    Oh Heidi. You’re so cute when you’re ineffectual.

    Dont’ pretend like you don’t like it.


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