It’s Impossible To Keep a Secret on the Internet

We hear Journalista! is coming back any minute now. In fact a preview is up right now, which we know because it pinged us. Out of respect to Dirk, the father of comics linkblogging, we’re not going to link to the site, which is still in testing, but it looks pretty damned sharp, and as of tomorrow, when it goes live, linkblogging is going to be superflous. Dirk the Duke is back.


  1. The new site launches Friday, actually, but thank you for the kind words.


  1. […] It’s not just Heidi, myself and the online artcomix intelligencia who are excited about the imminent return of Dirk Deppey’s Journalista blog… But wishing and hoping and waiting isn’t enough, as Dirk explains on The Engine: In the space of two hours, the location of the test site for the new TCJ got leaked online, and I learned that Safari for the Mac basically makes a complete hash of said test site’s design — all this after I finally adjusted to the vampire hours necessary to have Journalista online when the East Coast wakes up, so now it’s 3:30 in the morning (to me) and I’m too frazzled to sleep. Oh, and have I mentioned that we’re supposed to go live in two days and a quarter of the old site’s legacy content still needs to be input into the new system? […]

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