It's funnier when Superman does it





  1. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Wow! This is a Schwartz-era Superman tale too. I’d expect this from the Weisinger era. Never read this story, but I wonder if Supes was doing it for charity? That’d be a Schwartz-era twist to it.

  2. I don’t remember the story, but I do recall that Schwartz did almost as many wacked-out covers as Weisinger.

    The main difference between them was that Schwartz more often promoted a patina of realism in the stories. But even during the so-called “serious Batman” of Schwartz’s editorship, you got a cover that showed Batman hoisting a suicide-bomber gorilla above his head, which is as goofy as anything from Uncle Mortie.

  3. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Does Morgan Spurlock know about this?

  4. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Those look like Bob Oskner-drawn wait-staff…

    BTW,, thanks for the link, Torsten. Seeing the Superman Solar Panel suit was worth it! Now waiting for that action figure…

  5. Here’s a cross-over waiting to happen!

  6. Tommy Raiko says:

    I’m just bemused by the complete lack of background in that cover, as if some fast-food-franchise had just plopped a location in a vast wasteland of nothing–not even a parking lot…

  7. Al™ says:

    Sphinx, I agree, yeah it does look like Oskner’s art.

    Good thing Supes didn’t go to an All You Can Eat Buffet…

  8. Darrell Grant says:

    I can believe a man can fly…and I can believe he can eat thousands of hamburgers…what I can’t believe are good looking young women working at a fast food joint in sexy uniforms. This is pure fantasy.

  9. Superman will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

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