Is there really a book about comics that is called "100 Baddest Mother F*ckers in Comics"?

Yes, there is.

And Power Man is on the cover.

AND when we read the title we mentally pronounce it “motherfather.”



  1. I pronounce it “malefactor.”


  2. I gave the writer(s) credit for mentioning Iron Jaw, but their inclusion of Supreme took it away.

  3. Hell yeah The Goon!

  4. Al™ says:


  5. what, no squirrel-girl, i don’t believe it!!!! :)
    which kind of does beg the question: are there any women on this list, ’cause there are some bad-ass mo’fo’ women in the world of comics that you do not f**k with.

  6. I actually designed the whole one-shot, for Krause Publications/F+W Media 9 months ago. It was a companion to 100 Sexiest Women in Comics released the month before, that I also designed. It was edited my Brent Frankenhoff, Maggie Thompson, and myself – or some of the team that still bring you Comics Buyer’s Guide magazine every month. I had a lot of fun working on this thing, I think the retro, older, used comic feel turned out pretty well.

    The Goon is #41, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac #65, Lobo was deemed the 36th BMF.

  7. Dave Hackett says:

    I find it humourous that the Publisher’s website has this listed as part of their description “In This Kids’ Comics Guide You’ll Find:”

  8. Big Barda should be in that list.

  9. Sweet Christmas!

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