Introducing a new resource page for working in comics

At the MGA Con a few weeks ago I was on a panel on breaking into comics, and someone asked about resources for writing comics. I said I would throw up some reference, and I didn’t have time until now, but it’s a great idea. I’ve started a page for it, which is thus far called Information on How To Get Into Comics and Survive Once You’re There. With the help of Steve Morris and Matt O”Keefe I threw together some links on breaking in, craft, writing, digital, agents and some other stuff. This is very much a work in progress, and as I have time I’ll break it out some more and add more stuff. Feel free to suggest things in the comments.

There is a lot of great information out there, not only on process and technique but surviving the freelance life. Colleen Doran has a ton of great posts about that stuff. I put up a general link now but I’ll probably spotlight a few of her best posts later on.

I know people love sample comics script formats, as well, so if you have any links to those feel free to suggest them.



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    Good to see another resource for stuff like this.

    I maintain a resource and repository of links related to writing for comics, breaking in, formatting, digital, etc over at (which itself is an updated and expanded iteration of Caleb Monroe’s original list).

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