Inside the brand spankin’ new DC West Coast Offices

Yesterday marked the first day at the official offices for DC Entertainment West, in Burbank, at a swanky new building called The Pointe. How swanky? It’s got an extra “e”on the end for super-swank. DC’s SVP Hank Kanalz was very excited about the day:

I cannot describe the excitement we all have on day one. Positively electric!

And well he should be. After looking at a series of pictures he tweeted, you can see that the DC West Coast office, complete with archives and bullpen, is now the new and shiny HQ for all things DC. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

The shiny outside.

Lobby and hallway. Holy crud, is this an office building or an enclave of Trappist monks?

The pantry.

The library.

Kanalz’s office door.

Get used to this view: this is where freelancers will go to say “I’m here to see so-and-so.”

The men’s room.

Still empty production offices, aka “bullpen.” Just what will they be producing here? Hm…

The opening day lineup.

Just as the New York offices once held a statue of Clark Kent, the new offices include movie costumes.

The epochal day was celebrated with a hearty lunch!

We’re impressed with Kanalz’s photo skills and enthusiasm. And impressed at these amazing offices. But sad that he missed the other neighborhood landmark — the abandoned Chadney’s across the street. At least Dimples is still open.



  1. I feel bad for whoever the cleaning guy is that will have to clean the white lantern logo every day.

  2. comicsatemybrain says:

    Why does the pantry have a Captain America theme?

  3. Martha Thomases says:

    It’s not Captain America, it’s Wonder Woman. Because women are, you know, so nurturing.

  4. Torsten Adair says:

    I think that’s a Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. theme (did Geoff Johns, CCO, also do the interior design?)

    And that’s not the White Lantern logo… it’s four concentric rings divided into thirds. Maybe it’s a new corps… there’s a lot of spectrum which hasn’t been used yet…

  5. I guess you need to be comfortable when destroying continuity.

  6. Yes, the floor logo is one line less than a *stylized* lantern logo. It could easily be modified.

  7. Sorely disappointed by the spartan restrooms. A fortress of solitude it ain’t.

  8. kneejerk says:

    I want a job there

  9. Those lobby shots are very foreboding. It looks more like the offices of Lexcorp.

  10. Joseph says:

    I didn’t realize it was possible to hate where I work more than I already do.

  11. AWESOME! Congrats.

  12. Al™ says:

    (Please select one)
    Those devices rising from the floor of the lobby are:
    A. Giant Lower Body Scanners
    B. Employee Turnover Counters
    C. Distribution channels
    D. Multi Title Cross Overs

  13. I would like to work there simply because that first interior shot looks like the hallways of the Enterprise-D.

  14. Snikt Snakt says:

    “I guess you need to be comfortable when destroying continuity.”

    LOL good luck topping this post, people! :-P

  15. Snikt Snakt says:

    How is the Library set up?

    Pre-COIE, Post-COIE, Reboot/Relaunch sections? :-P

  16. Totally saw that as a Cap pantry, too, but I know he doesn’t have a monopoly on the white star, blue background.

  17. Very ST-TOS! And how fitting that Wondie’s spangle is in the break room, where she can attend to kitchen duties. Let’s hope it reminds people that she’s MUCH OVERDUE FOR A STUPENDOUS LIVE-ACTION MOVIE!!! Oops, didn’t mean to shout. (Much.)

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