Incredible things Superman actually said



Can you imagine what would have happened if the Internet existed in 1958? Perhaps people like Mort Weisinger could not exist in a wired world. Julie Schwartz would probably have been running a website and playing Halo.

(Via J. Caleb Mozzocco)


  1. Yeah…this was a pretty wild time in comics history. But Lois Lane went on to be the kind of character that people want back in her own series.

    And Superman became Tom Welling.

  2. Pantsless Pete says:

    To be fair to Superman, Silver Age Lois Lane was a terrible shrieking harpy of a woman by even Superdickery standards and was the single greatest threat to his life in a world that included mad scientists who have nothing better to do than hate him.

    And now she’s being neurotic at him while he’s trying to juggle.

    Juggling is hard, even if you’re Superman.

  3. Mario Boon says:

    Superman is right!

  4. Schaffenberger – greatest Superman artist of all time.

  5. Snikt Snakt says:

    Lois Lane was really a stupid broad back then…

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