INCOMPLETE WORKS to collect long unseen comics by Dylan Horrocks

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New Zealand cartoonist Dylan Horrocks is a favorite around Stately Beat Manor, and a master of short comics stories. While his website has been busy serializing his new comics The Magic Pen, his works from the last 20years has been long unavailable. However in March, the Victoria University Press will publish INCOMPLETE WORKS, collecting his short comics. The book will be available in New Zealand, but hopefully someone will bring it here to the US…please???

Horrocks was a mainstay of the indie scene before graphic novels got big and his graphic novel Hicksville, about an imaginary town where cartoonists are the biggest entertainers, is a masterpiece. His short stories are humane, funny and accessible. Good news!



  1. Torsten Adair says:

    According to Books In Print, Victoria University Press is distributed in the United States by Independent Publishers Group.

    Victoria University is quite nice… I hung out there and used their internet while I was doing my wanderjahr in 1994. It’s located in the hills above the harbor, near the botanical garden.

    Perhaps they’ll do a historical retrospective of Footrot Flats next?

  2. jacob lyon goddard says:

    Great news!


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