I’m Puddleglum

Lunch today:

* Eel onigiri
* Seaweed salad
* Green tea mochi
* Mud Mocha from Mud Coffee truck

BTW, don’t forget tomorrow’s Think Future: Graphic Novels, breakfast panel, which has been sold out for weeks and had to turn people away. The panel — featuring John Cunningham, Dan Frank, Rich Johnson, Joe Quesada and Bil Schanes. and moderated by Calvin Reid and The Beat — will be taped for later video streaming, if all goes according to plan.



  1. Man, I wish I could go to that. Here’s hoping that the video is sooner rather than later.

    And remember, no softballs!

  2. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Cool! I’ll be tuning in!

  3. Jay F. says:

    I think tomorrow’s early morning panel will be a blast and I’m glad I signed up good and early.


  4. John Warren says:

    That’s so awesome. I’m in the middle of reading that book for about the tenth time right now.

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