If it's war, it must be the Punisher!

Marvel’s final war teaser reveals that the Punisher is involved. Damn. Occam’s razor and all that.



  1. Johnny Memeonic says

    Marvel is aware that Punisher vs. the Marvel Universe was a big joke, right?

  2. abc says

    if this is truly gonna be “the punisher vs. the marvel universe”, (and man, i hope it ain’t so) then it seems that at last marvel has hit the bottom of the barrel. hopefully this “epic” won’t result in too many cross overs into main stream books.

  3. Dave says

    You could take my interest in this, stuff it into a flea’s navel, and still have room left over for two caraway seeds and an agent’s heart. SRSLY, Marvel? -Another- event?

  4. Dennis V. says

    Err… if all this hype is just all over a another new Punisher title then what a big disapointment.

  5. Talmidge says

    maybe a group of heroes decided it’s time to finally take out the Punisher once and for all. It does seem kind of nuts with spidey’s “no one dies” rule that some like the Punisher operates in his territory. I actually like the Punisher way more as an antagonist.

  6. Synsidar says

    Has the Punisher ever killed any hero who’s had his own title?


  7. James says

    I hope it isn’t another f#&king crossover?!?

    Punisher is one of my favorite titles at the moment thanks to Rucka. But I want it to be its own standalone title (like Captain America was), or I’ll have to drop it.

  8. filippod says

    I’m with James. The current Rucka/Cecchetto Punisher (12 issues so far) is a very good book, sitting undisturbed in its corner of the Marvel Universe. I am afraid that this might ruin it.

  9. Synsidar says

    Spider-Man, Cap, and other heroes might be good for a bunch of stories, but the Punisher? He’s like a settler in the 1800s who has his family killed by bad guys. After he wreaks vengeance on them, sooner or later, his story is done. Pursuing other criminals is obsessive; that’s what law enforcement is for. If someone is going to write stories about the same basic character again and again, a la Steven Seagal’s direct-to-video films, he should at least change the guy’s name and age.


  10. rikk odinson says

    Hopefully Marvel will kill all of ’em and cancel their books.
    Then, they can publish Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, and Elektra comics that someone besides me might buy.

  11. says

    I am mostl interested in whatever issue of Defenders that Punisher fights the Silver Surfer. Not sure how you are gonna charge for a one-page issue though :-(

  12. Micah says

    FRANKEN-CASTLE RETURNS! No joke, I thought this was the best thing to happen to the Punisher in forever. Finally made him interesting.

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