If it's Power Girl this must be Dragon*Con (and PAX)

Labor Day Weekend is a circled on the calendar of free-spirits of all shapes and species, as WorldCon, Burning Man, Dragon*Con and PAX are all on the schedule — no matter what you like to dress up as, there’s definitely a place to parade around and search for someone else dressed up for the ultimate fantasy.

The Mary Sue has a nice little gallery of Atlanta’s Dragon*Con and Seattle’s PAX; we snagged the above new style Power Girl from the former.


MTV Geek has their Dragon*Con galleries arranged by category — comics, video games, etc.

And there’s this CNN GeekOut photo parade of the Dragon*Con costume parade, which also included Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno. This parade always looks like a blast — people have been talking abotu some kind of mass parade for Comic-Con for a while, which we’re sure would be fun but maybe a logistical nightmare. Anyway, the takeaway is MORE PARADES.

For more photos, there’s always good old Flickr, as old fashioned as that may be.

For instance here’s a Bane from SEB-1119’s photo stream.



  1. Any idea what character that gold-and-white-and-lots-of-skin costume represents? I think a friend of mine was trying to describe that costume to me after a convention last year.

  2. Synsidar says:

    Any idea what character that gold-and-white-and-lots-of-skin costume represents?

    That’s the Phoenix Five version of Emma Frost.


  3. Ah, of course it is. So, no, that wouldn’t be what my friend saw last year.

  4. Also, that third picture is a mash-up costume, half Bane from Dark Knight Rises, half Lord Humongous from The Road Warrior. Nicely played!

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