IDW announces more Alex Raymond

201007241716.jpgIDW’s Library of American Comics expands with more Alex Raymond as Jungle Jim and Flash Gordon, two stylish, definitive strips will be reprinted in a deluxe volume in 2011. PR below:

IDW Publishing, a premier publisher of graphic novels and books, today announced the Ultimate Alex Raymond Collection: The Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim, offering two timeless series together for the first time. The Definitive Flash Gordon & Jungle Jim will include every Sunday by Raymond from both classic strips, remastered, restored, and presented in the oversized, 12” x 16” “champagne” edition format.

“Alex Raymond’s lush art deserves this oversized, remastered series,” says Greg Goldstein, IDW’s COO. Coming in late 2011 and announced today at San Diego Comic-Con, this is the latest offering from Raymond, the quintessential adventure comic strip creator, by IDW’s imprint, Library of American Comics. The artist’s post-war modernist detective series, Rip Kirby, is currently being collected.

Eisner Award-winner Dean Mullaney is editing and designing the deluxe editions. “Although Flash Gordon has been previously reprinted, this—finally—is the first meticulously remastered and restored edition that prints the strip in a large size and in Raymond’s original format that includes the Jungle Jim topper. We believe this will be the definitive edition for the ages.”

Created by Raymond in 1934, Flash Gordon is arguably the most famous science fiction comic strip of all time. It follows the adventures of the title character and his companions—Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov—as they journey through space. Flash initially leaves Earth to discover the source of meteors that are threatening the planet, and gets waylaid on the planet Mongo, where they meet the evil Ming the Merciless.  Raymond’s lyrical artwork made the series a hit from the very beginning. Flash Gordon gained greater fame through several film serials in 1936 staring Buster Crabbe in the lead role. The serial followed the progression of the strip closely and helped inspire Star Wars many years later.

Jungle Jim was created as a strip topper for Flash Gordon, and followed the life of Jim Bradley, who fought pirates, slave traders, and assorted villains in the exotic Southeast Asia of the 1930s. This neglected Raymond classic also features Jim’s native cohort Kolu and femme fatale Lille DeVrille.

Raymond illustrated both series from January 7, 1934 through April 30, 1944.


  1. Andoni says

    “Flash Gordon” from January 7, 1934 to April 30, 1944.
    “JUNGLE JIM” FROM JANUARY 7, 1934 TO MAY 21, 1944.
    Be careful!

  2. Rich says

    So, will this include all the Flash Gordon material in the Checker hardcovers? Yes?

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