Ich bin ein Avenger


Or so says a new Marvel teaser campaign. First poster above. So Cap has got a gun for good now? So it goes.

EDIT: You know I forgot to mention that the book is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by John Romita Jr.


  1. So wrong. Cap does NOT carry a gun.
    I can’t wait til Disney sends in the Cleaners.

  2. Is that the Steve Rogers Cap or the Bucky Cap? Maybe that makes a diff.

  3. It’s the Bucky cap. I don’t want to get too spoilery, but him staying in costume and continuing to use the gun and shield was spelled out in Reborn #6 and the “Who Will Wield the Shield?” one-shot.

  4. Wait so Bucky Cap is going to be the ongoing Captain America then?

    I thought there was a big deal about Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor all getting back together again. If it’s Bucky Cap that doesn’t seem like a very big deal.

  5. Bucky Cap knows that a Smith and Wesson (or a Luger) beats four aces.

  6. Avenger in German is Rächer.

  7. James says:

    Yes, Bucky’s non lethal shooting is so evil and we need more of Steve’s bashing in people’s faces with his adimantium shield.

  8. Cormorant says:

    Speaking of the gun…it does look like a Luger. Is there a story behind Bucky-Cap toting a German pistol, I assume?

  9. mac mcgill says:

    ..isn’t this the american way?

  10. Non-lethal? Oh.
    Well, that’s different. Nevermind.

    I’m sure all the kids out there will infer that from the promo image.
    After all, Mavel would never glamourize the use of guns.

    Yeah, I know. The Punisher.
    But there’s a big difference between the Punisher and Captain America.
    At least there used to be.

  11. This would be the back-to-being-good-guys, heroes-are-heroes-again thing, yeah? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmokay.

  12. The gun is to shoot the guns out of the hands of the bad guys.

  13. Alan Coil says:

    Shouldn’t there be an “after XXXXXXX” acknowledgment accompanying that image? It’s not original, and may even be a combination of two previous drawings.

  14. Francis says:

    Guns, the Stars & Stripes, and violence. Nothing can be more American.

  15. Aaron sez:
    “The gun is to shoot the guns out of the hands of the bad guys.”

    I thought that’s what he did with the shield?
    And I agree with others, I’d like to know the story behind the German Luger pistol.

  16. Looking again at this promo picture, I kinda wish Cap was looking toward the reader. I realize it might not work as well with the caption (which is Cap’s thoughts). I just think it would have a made a more dynamic image.

  17. michael says:

    if they’re gonna give him a gun, it might as well, be a ‘proper’ (i.e., for the tech of his universe..meaning some ultra big, video game type weapon) one.

  18. mark coale says:

    Seems to me I’ve seen loads of cap stories (albeit golden age) with cap and bucky used guns.

    Cap is a super soldier after all.

  19. So they’re reviving the Cap of The Great Gold Steal?

  20. This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.


    I miss the Cap I grew up with.

    Thank goodness for reprints and Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

  21. James says:
  22. Jeremy says:

    So long as he’s not smoking a cigar or cigarette, guns ahoy!

  23. Synsidar says:

    Part of the problem with a hero using a gun is that a gun is often an extension of a man’s ego. Another problem is that a gun is a real-world weapon. A super villain is supposed to have capabilities that the police and Army can’t deal with. If he’s brought down by a gun, he’s not a super villain. Decades ago, Yellowjacket had a disruptor gun, but writers, as I recall, junked it.


  24. at first glance of this promo i thought “this does not bode well for the whole “heroic” direction marvel wants to go in”. but at second glance the quote on the promo “i forge my own legacy” suggests that this is bucky in his cap suit (why would rogers need to forge his own legacy, he already has one), and if marvel is to be believed that there will be stories with thor, iron man, and cap (rogers), on the same team, then what we may be looking at is a promo for one of the other avengers books that will probably be coming out in which bucky leads another team of avengers (c’mon you didn’t think they were gonna cancel all those avengers books and come back with only one book with “avengers” in the title did you?). a few years ago marvel had usagent in a cap uniform while rogers was still running around in his cap uniform. i guess marvel doesn’t want to give up on capitalizing on the popularity of bucky/cap just yet. i don’t think marvel is gonna try having a thor, iron man, cap/bucky team of avengers, marvel already did that in secret invasion and all it did was produce a big yawn from the fans.

  25. Henrik J says:

    Meh, i would have preferred another artist, JrJr’s art makes me so bored

  26. Simon C says:

    I’m guessing this thread is full of people who think that Steve Rogers and Bucky didn’t actually kill anybody during WWII too…

  27. Dennis V. says:

    I’m sure the Marvel Masses would prefer to have Steve Rogers as Cap (wasn’t that the whole purpose of brining him back?)–I know I would (especially since that BuckyCap costume is fugly as heck–reminds me of Super Pro). But maybe Rogers is on a different team of Avengers?

  28. Part of the problem with a hero using a gun is that a gun is often an extension of a man’s ego penis.

    Fixed it for you

  29. damn html no strikethrough text ruining my joke

  30. Joe S. Walker says:

    Leaving aside the piously pop-psychological head-shaking re the significance of guns, that drawing looks as if Cap’s torso and left arm have been grafted on to the remaining limbs of three different people.

  31. Kid Kyoto says:

    “So wrong. Cap does NOT carry a gun.”

    Then why is he a soldier?

    Honestly the retcons about Cap never killing, never using a gun, make me wonder what people want from the character. he’s a super-soldier created by the army to fight our foes. If you don’t like super-soldiers there are plenty of other heroes out there. Taking the soldier away from cap just makes him another acrobat hero.

  32. Alan Coil says:

    “I’m guessing this thread is full of people who think that Steve Rogers and Bucky didn’t actually kill anybody during WWII too…”

    I don’t know. I wasn’t around during World War II.

  33. I don’t really have a problem with Captain America having a gun. Just because he carries the gun, doesn’t mean he’s going to pop the bad guys left and right. The gun could be used as a threat against certain enemies, or as a means to corral a group of bad guys. In some cases, Cap may very well be forced to use a gun as a last resort to protect the lives of an innocent person or himself.

    “So they’re reviving the Cap of The Great Gold Steal?”

    That wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Ted White was a good author.

  34. Don’t forget – Cap also carried a gun in the old 1940’s movie serial, which was probably the inspiration for the cover of that 1968 paperback.



  35. Synsidar says:

    Captain America novel

    Above is the Ted White novel, showing Cap armed and dangerous.


  36. Cap in all his physically challenged glory.

    That deformity of a gun hand still haunts my nightmares.




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