I know what I’m going as for Halloween!

You must see the others.


  1. Dr. Manhattan?

  2. I believe that’s called “jumping squid.”

  3. Mega Mario Will Mess You Up.


  4. Andrew says:


    Someone needs to get a group of friends together, dress up in this stuff, knock on Alan’s door and put the resulting firestorm on YouTube.

    Rich Johnston, are you out there?

  5. Torsten Adair says:

    Nothing for the kiddies? Guess I’ll dress up little Taylor as the Joker again…

  6. This really screws up my plans to dress up as The Question for Halloween.

  7. boogersnots says:

    The guy on the left is FOT!!!! You know, fattish but’ HOT

  8. Xenos says:

    Ha. I was half tempted to go as The Question to the premiere, but that might confuse people too much. Though I guess I could always do costumes for Rorschach -and- The Question.

    Meanwhile, almost nice to see such complex and morally gray characters being turned into goofy Halloween costumes.

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