I came in here for the special offer

It’s Black Friday, people. Remember to be kind to the harried and overstressed retail employees.



  1. Blackest Friday ever.

  2. The Freaky Tiki says:

    Why is Tom Brevoort selling Superman stuff?

    the Tiki

  3. No offense, but I think you’re the third-to-last person I ever would’ve expected to be a Clash fan (Garrison Keillor and Margaret Thatcher, in case you were wondering).

  4. Secret Dominic Fortune crossover in that Millie the Model comic?


  5. The Beat says:

    Dirk: Mark (who posted this) or me? I have been a Clash fan for many many years, but never got to see them live ( i did see BAD and Joe Strummer, however.). However I have stated on may occasions that if I had a time machine one of the first things I would do is go back in time to see the Clash live.

    After I’d done that, I would go back to the East Village in 1991 and buy a 3 bedroom apartment for $50K.

  6. This just in: Toys R Us are sold out of Zoo Zoo Pets.



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