Humble Bundle’s Image Comics sales raises nearly $400K

The first ever comics sale on pay-what-you-want portal Humble Bundle is wrapping up tomorrow, and it seems to have been a success, with 38,847 bundles of digital comics sold, making a little over $397,000. As we reported earlier, Humble Bundle operates on a pay what you want model, with the buyer choosing to give all the money to the creator or to a charity – in this case the CBLDF.

There’s still time to get in on this offer, which makes copies of Saga, REvival, Chew, East of West and more top Image books available for what has averaged out to $10.

We’re told more comics bundles are on their way from Humble Bundle, so stay tuned.



  1. Nearly 40k copies sold is pretty damn sensational. Presumably a big chunk of those are “HB Customers”, and therefore “new to comics”. Good job!


  2. Julio Aguilar says:

    I got it even though I had already bought some of those comics in Comixology but to get downloadble copies and help the CBLDF for $10 books was a good offer.

    It’s interesting that the average means not many of those buyers were interested in the Walking Dead comics. (You could only get them paying $15 books if I remember correctly)

  3. For all I know this was the first all comics sale on the Humble Bundle, but the first Humble eBook Bundle back in October, 2012 included Gaiman and McKean’s Signal to Noise and five comics in the additional offerings a week after launch, including xkcd and two volumes of Penny Arcade. I gather that it did pretty well…

  4. SAIPAman says:

    I would expect the Doctor Who bundle to do even better than the Image bundle.


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