Howard the Duck Comics Suddenly Available For Some Great Unknown Reason

Howard the Duck

On July 29th, Marvel released a whole bunch of old Howard the Duck comics onto ComiXology for what appears to be no reason. Okay wait, I guess they are fantastic books by the late great Steve Gerber and Gene Colan (among others), but wow, that sure does seem random.

Oh, and Marvel VP David Gabriel recently confirmed that the long out of print Howard the Duck omnibus would be back in print as of October, also for absolutely no reason. What crazy times we live in. Anyway, I’m off to watch the new Guardians of the Galaxy. I hear it’s pretty good.



  1. RAGGEDT says:

    Heh. You guys are a credit to your profession.

  2. Brendon says:

    Howard appears in Gotg film in post credits, maybe a new film on the horizon?

  3. John Warren says:

    Brendon–From the tone of the article, I’m pretty sure the Beat knows that and was trying to avoid spoiling the post-credits scene….

  4. Get the news out with a knowing wink and no spoilers.

  5. Steve Leialoha says:

    Maybe they’ll get it right this time…

  6. jim sheridan says:

    Great news about the omnibus!!! The going rates for the out of print version are sky high, and I missed out. Steve, what did they not get right?

  7. Torsten Adair says:

    What’s the difference between the Omnibus and the Essentials collection?

    Does it include the comic strips?
    The magazine stories?
    That weird tie-in from the movie with the disturbingly seducktive creation?


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