We just received this secret message from Viz….


  1. Tom S. says

    It looks like Kubo Tite (creator of Bleach) is coming to America. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes to San Diego Comic Con, since that is Viz’s big convention. It would make more sense if they did at Anime Expo, but they don’t do Anime Expo.

  2. says

    I would come to the same conclusion as Tom S., though I’m intrigued as to where he’d make his appearance….hmmm….

  3. Kenny says

    OMG!!! If it is Kubo, that’s without question the coolest possible comic news I’ve heard this year!!! I sooooooo hope I get to see him!!!

  4. says

    It’s most likely Tite Kubo. Those colors are familiar, and they remind me of something from a Bleach book I read. What he’s coming with, I don’t know.

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