Hildebrandt. Kuberts at Montclair Art Museum

Although it seems like we’re at every comics event in the world, we’re really not, and here’s one we didn’t go to but wish we had — an opening for Greg Hildebrandt and celebration of the Kubert family at the Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey last weekend. Held in conjunction with the “Reflecting Culture: The Evolution of Comic Book Superheroes” show and “Comic Book Legends: Joe, Adam, and Andy Kubert” shows, the opening drew many Golden Agers. One of our spies snapped the above pic (click to enlarge) which shows (l-r) Joe Kubert (who just turned 81), Greg Hildebrandt, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tracy Flynn, Adam Kubert, Amanda Conner, and Andy Kubert.

For more info on the exhibit, which is up until January 13th 2008, check out the Montclair Museum link, or this review by Peter Sanderson.


  1. Tommy Raiko says

    Man, I hope I look as good as Joe Kubert when I’m in my eighties. (Heck, I hope I make it to my eighties…)

  2. Regina Abuhab says

    ‘Although it seems like we’re at every comics event in the world???’ Are you kidding????

  3. says

    Joe, Adam & Andy Kubert and Greg Hildebrandt are doing a panel tomorrow night (9/20) at the Montclair Art Museum.

  4. michael says

    Tommy’s right! Man, he looks good for an old guy! O.O

    And Amanda is incognito, but cute, as usual. ;)

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