HeroesCon mid-con

Using the lobby Wi-Fi, while everyone else is at the con, but everyone is having a great time. As
Johanna Draper Carlson put it:

This convention has been about taking it as it comes, stopping and enjoying the moment, with great conversations, paying attention to where I am instead of chasing the next thing. I’m letting it flow like a river, and that was brought home to me sitting in the Westin bar next to the creek that runs through it. What a great symbol for how to enjoy this wonderful convention!

Comics Alliance has a few pictures. Ben Towle agrees that day one was slow and that’s just how everyone likes it:

Friday is usually a fairly relaxed (aka “slow”) day at Heroes Con and today was no exception. At the Friendliest Con in the Southeast, (or maybe just period) this can be a good thing though, as it allows folks on the floor to hang out and catch up for a bit.

Rob Liefeld loves it too!

Heroes Con in Charlotte has always been a show I have wanted to attend but somehow over 20 some years I never found my way there. No more! I finally made it for the 2010 show and the fans and attendees are the nicest, kindest people I have met in all my travels! Saturday should be another great day!

Photo taken from Kivus‘ photo stream.

Okay, computer is charged. Back to catch some panels.



  1. To quote Tina Fey:

    “I want to go to there.”

    Lance Roger Axt
    AudioComics, LLC

  2. Jim Caldwell says:

    A creek runs through the Westin bar?


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