Hernandez Brothers Week

Blake Bell is celebrating Hernandez Brothers week, and of course you don’t have to ask us twice to join in the fun. Bell is posting mp3’s of a 1989 interview of Gilbert Hernandez by Gary Groth and throwws in a few observations:

Interesting that, in part one, Gilbert name checks Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko as inspirations/influences. And it’s fantastic to see that Gilbert has the work ethic of both those creators. Every time I turn around, Gilbert’s producing new work that is consistently well drawn, with a unique narrative. His latest work is a mini-series for Dark Horse Comics entitled, The Devil You Know. Go here for a preview and “trailer” from the Dark Horse site. In an era where my favourite indie artists seem to produce a book a year, Gilbert also has another full-length graphic novel coming out from Fantagraphics called, Chance In Hell.

We praise Beto’s prolific nature! Praise him with great praise!


  1. Alan Coil says

    And they were wrong!

    (Sorry. Don’t mean that; it’s just that some shots demand to be taken. Didn’t even know you were working in comics.)

  2. says

    It was Los Hermanos’ work (along with Baron & Rude’s NEXUS) that made me WANT to make comics.

    It was Eastman/Laird’s TMNT that made me believe I CAN make comics.

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