Henry and Glenn #1 sells 71,000 copies — to celebrate, here’s a preview of issue #2

Tom Neely’s HENRY & GLENN FOREVER is a reinvention—totally fictional—of two rock icons combined with some razor sharp cartooning and the result is a comics classic. A POPULAR, comics classic: Publisher, Microcosm’s Joe Biel, lets it drop in this interview that HENRY & GLENN FOREVER has sold 71,000 copies. Given that it costs a mere $6—the price of a fancy coffee in some parts of the country—for 68 pages of quality comicking, that’s not really a surprise. Also, as I always say, people like to laugh…and rock out!

The merriment has continued with a four issue mini-series called HENRY & GLENN FOREVER & EVER. The second issue just came out and we’re told that  #3 should be out in time for SPX, and #4 in time for the holidays.

Volume 2 Issue has work by Neely, Josh Bayer, and Mark Rudolph. This issue is $5 for 32 pages, and here’s a peek inside plus the regular cover by Neely and an alternate cover by Levon Jihanian:




  1. says

    Let this be a lesson to self-absorbed rock jerks everywhere — somebody with a pen and a sense of humor is gonna pants you in the sequential art form and everyone can have a laugh at what a tool you are.
    Bravo Tom Neely and friends!

  2. kap says

    @Cliff G, Henry is actually a pretty good guy, very intelligent, makes it his life more or less to travel and talk to folks and not be a douche. He was pretty cool about the comic when he found out about it a few years ago. If he ever does a speaking engagement in your town it’d be well worth your time.

    Glen, far as I know, not so much.

  3. Peter Hohman says

    Yeah, I’ve heard that Henry Rollins is pretty amicable about Henry and Glen Forever whereas Danzig is very irked by it.

    Which pretty much confirms what I wanted to believe about the personalities of the two guys in the first place.

  4. Heidi MacDonald says

    I made some typos (SURPRISE!) in the above and has some misinformation but it is corrected now. Please note this is issue 2 of VOLUME 2 a four issue mini series of more Henry and Glenn goodness.

    I met Danzig a few times, once at a signing at St Marks Comics where me and my then assistant Ruth were the only people there. AWKWARD. We both talked about bow much we liked Tezuka, so I can’t hate him entirely. Also went to his decadent Verotik parties at SDCC back in the day.

    Never met Rollins but seen him perform many times and he is great.

  5. Ed Brubaker says

    I remember an issue of this a few years ago had a blurb from Henry that was something like “Has Glen seen this? Because I can guarantee you he will not be amused.”

  6. says

    @Kap: You’re correct, I love Rollins (I listen his show on KCRW) and was only referring to Glenn. In my mind it seemed obvious, but that’s my mind, and well, there’s a whole lotta goofy stuff going on in there.

  7. SRH says

    the sunnO)))s cereal might be my favorite part of that entire issue. snap crackle drone!

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