Heidi sense…Tingling!

Yesterday, we made some reference to our periodic Heidi sense tingling…a spider-like precognitive power that warns of danger, portentious omens, or the presence of very large cans of Silly String nearby. We’re happy to report that, courtesy of Joe Infurnari, we’ve managed to catch it in action on the page.


  1. Calvin Reid says

    Awesome!! I always knew you had super powers!!! It’s like so obvious!

  2. says

    You will see better if your glasses sit higher. Then your superpowers will include “vision.”

    Try it and… see!

    (And clean hair is good, too, Tom. As I recall, anyway…)

  3. Brian Davison says

    “Wash your hair”? How sexist. She obviously just needs some conditioner.

  4. says

    Shouldn’t there be a half Spidey-Heidi mask imposed on your face, too?

    Hopefully the original red and blue mask and not the horrible b/w 80s mask…

  5. Tom Spurgeon says

    I was thinking more that those might be stink lines. I no longer have the ability to make a visual judgment on the state of people’s hair, man or woman.

  6. Heidi M. says

    My hair in this photo exhibits the shine, texture and dimensionality that people spend lots of money for. Or so my hairdresser tells me.

  7. says

    Beware the Pink Power Spiked Emmanata! (and when her power is on standby, they become pink Kirby dots. It’s especially striking at night, when she sleeps. Like having your own personal nightlight…)

    Behold…. The Beatrix! (Mr. Starkings, can you trick up a nice logo?)

    OOOH!!!! Caption contest! Think up a nice thought balloon for this photo!

  8. says

    “MacDonald soon began to regret telling all those off-colour Hover-Sperm jokes without first performing a precautionary recce.”


  9. The Beat says

    Yu guys are making the most obvious jokes. I’m a little disappointed.

  10. Mark Coale says

    Pseudo-Sperm attacking the Beat?

    Could this be a clue about the real reason she is marrying Future Mr. Beat?

    (cue topical Sarah Palin reference)

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